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Exploring Creative Depths

A strong sense of self is paramount as is optimism, perseverance, and the ability to influence other through brokering strengths and building solid relationships.

A Lasting Journey

How leaders nurture resiliency in themselves and others is a key but necessary challenge in today’s educational context.


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Leading Collaborative Learning

Learning Forward Ontario

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Working with educators to improve learning for all.


I am a former Principal, field Superintendent and Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Services with the York Region District School Board.   Since leaving this great school board, I have been thoroughly enjoying time for short term contracts, research, consulting, teaching and writing.   I work as a sessional instructor for Western’s Graduate Education program and I am involved on on-going coaching in the areas of literacy instruction,  collaborative inquiry and inquiry based learning for students through my consulting name: Collaborative Learning Services.

My area of sustained research interest is understanding the complexities of collaboration and their impact on learning in the classroom and in the workplace.  In my view, collaboration has to make a difference for student learning if it is to sustainable.

I am certainly a digital immigrant but see the potential in new and emerging technologies.  I can say I even feel confident with a few forms of social media now :-).    Most of all I believe we must engage  in this new brave world of creative collaboration.

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Beate Planche

Newmarket, Ontario

For further information about presentations, facilitating workshops, coaching or consulting, contact me  using this form or via email: or phone


Tel: 905-252-8320

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