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“Collaborative learning is focussed learning with a clear goal in mind.  It is supported by group processes and further enabled, by facilitation.  It is accountable learning – for “own” learning and that of co-learners”.  (Sharratt & Planche, 2016)

Jenni Donohoo

Educator, Author and Past Chair of Learning Forward Ontario

Beate Planche has been dedicated to advancing the quality of professional learning for educators in her role as the Chair of Learning Forward Ontario. She is knowledgeable and experienced about what's required to improve outcomes for students in schools and passionate about empowering educators to take the risks necessary to realize positive change.

Jill Colyer


I feel so fortunate to have had Beate as a leadership coach for two years. Her ability to facilitate school improvement in a practical and targeted manner helped me and our staff improve our practices to increase student success. Her calm, supportive, non-judgmental approach makes her approachable and a pleasure to work with.

Marlina Oliveira

Founder, Richland Academy

I am most grateful that Dr. Beate Planche entered my life when she did five years ago. We were in the midst of evolving and transitioning our literacy and math programs to align with our inquiry learning approach and 21st century values. Beate’s knowledge, wisdom, professional leadership, and collaborative spirit has directed and guided us in making this transition. She continues to be a strong and most valuable support to the teachers and administrators at our school. I truly believe it is her ability to listen and tune into our needs, align to our unique teaching philosophy, and flexibility to adjust with the changes in our environment that has contributed to the success of the programming for our students.

Joanne Walsh

Educational Consultant and Coach

I learned so much about coaching in such a short amount of time while working with Beate Planche. My coaching and facilitation skills improved exponentially which had an immediate impact  on my ability to be an effective coach and facilitator.  Through her powerful modelling and deep probing questions in response to my own wonderings Beate deepened my understanding of effective coaching and guided me in my coaching path.

Pam Turnbull

Director of Academic Programs Rosedale Academy

“One of the greatest highlights of my educational career was the opportunity to work with and learn from Beate Planche. Her passion for education, her expansive knowledge and expertise and her deep caring for students and teachers inspire all who join her to bring their very best to the work.  Beate is an educational leader who walks the talk. Her deep knowledge about effective leadership springs not only from research but from her educational practice. She won’t ask you to do something she hasn’t tried herself.”

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